Lord Ganesha

 Lord   Ganesha is the embodiment of OM,the symbol of the great God.He is the god of auspiciousness,the beginning of all beginnings and the savior of all that is good.He is the link between nature and human beings.Lord Ganesha's big head inspires us to think big and profitability ;the big years prompt us to listen patiently to  new ideas and suggestions;the narrow eyes point to deep concentration needed to finish tasks in hand well and quickly ;the long nose tells us to poke around  constructively and inquisitively to learn more.The most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.all religious idols are mystic symbols.melody in colors becomes painting.

Lord Siva

  "Shiva "means "shubam"  , Lord shiva is the king of all dancers and also called nataraj he created the tandava a vigorous style of dancing This dancing form has inspired many saints ,poets painters singers sculptuors  and historians.Lord shiva in today's daily life: A righteous individual driven by values is believed to be the depiction  of lord shiva. Their spotless heart reprasents shiva linga.The satisfaction derived  through their deeds  is abhishekam to lord shiva.

Women & Nature

   Eliments of the nature has always appealed because,it brings about a feeling of being and harmony.nature for me is not beautiful sunset,a forest or some exotic animal.It is a feeling of being a part of every natural entity,viewing things and being as part of a,birth,death and human emotion too seem to be part of the whole. 


The fine stroked sketches are  something  that i take pride in. the back grounds are spontaneous  and the different patterns blend seamlessly. such a free flowing pattern rich and exquisite rendition lends a distinctive  flavour  to each of my sketches


   I penned some poems about the bitter-sweet experiences in life,the day today struggles,the big wins and small losses,the balance between the practical and spiritual,the dreams and the realities,the good and the bad and other varied observations have found their final resting place on both paper and canvas too.


   Published a book of Telugu poems called "Dirisena Poolu" in 2006. 
   Works published as cover pages on Indian Literature by Sahitya Academy November-December 2001.
   Profile published in Samkaleen Kala by Lalit Kala Academy June 2001, New Delhi.


The face is a central organ of sense and is also very central to the expression of
motion among humans. Faces are essential to expressing emotion, consciously
or unconsciously. A frown denotes disapproval; a smile usually means someone
is pleased. God has created different type of eyes, noses, lips, chins and ears
very carefully so that each one of them is so different. Their beauty, manners,
expressions, feelings, thoughts all are very different and every person has
different expressions for various situations they see. Face gives us image and
brand us in the society as it give us recognition. Being able to read emotions in
another face is fundamental basis for empathy and ability to interpret persons
reactions and predict the probability of ensuring behaviours. Facial expressions
are form of non verbal communication. The eyes and smile are often use as
important features of facial expressions. The face can easily reflect our sorrow,
happiness, anger and seriousness. I would like to highlight that face is the mirror
of inner soul.
Similarly, I am fascinated about pillars and the various forms in which they
exists. Humans have created different types of pillars for different purposes.
Some are used for foundation, some for ornamentation, and some for praying.
As a pillar represents strength and stability, a face reflects the strength and
stability of the person. According to me pillar also resemblance to mental power,
commitment, honesty & dedication. Any challenge come it always face by
keeping the head up straight with same dignity. Pillar always support everyone
in all the seasons of heavy monsoon, heat and cold. However pillar never seek
support from others and always be empowered to face its own battle on his own.

Ganesha, Hanuman And Lord Vishnu

New Exhibits with Ganesha, Vishu pillars along with other arts.

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