My First Exhibition

"LORD GANESH" ( August 1996,Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi)
This was my first exhibition and it was my first major success to be able to hold a solo
Exhibition at the prestigious lalit kala Academy. The focus was on Lord Ganesh and my
Work was very well recrived.

The Statesman, New Delhi,1996
Colors are Sita's Strong point and fineness with which she has blended oils is so exquisite
That one is fooled in to thinking that works are in water color.

"I had once seen a wonderful collection of Ganesh Sculptures. But this exhibition of 
Ganesh Paintings is really marvellous. Hearty kudos to Sita for both concept as well as
Final Product."

L K Adwani, Union Home Minister
Intensity of expression is the breath of any art. I say that quality is present in all these 
Paintings each depicting varying mood of Lord ganesh. Sita's art is of great quality.

PA Choudhary, Retired justice of AP High Court.
Very Interesting show specially the face of Ganesh and handing with excellent strokes.
Good luck.

KL Rangeen,Artist, New Delhi.

STRINGS Exhibition of Drawings

"STRINGS" (November 2001, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi)
This exhibition was a complete show of my drawings. This exhibition had all the recent  
Drawings with no as such a center point. This too had works on both spiritual and 
Materialistic world. Here I tried to create a blend in the tow ends of the world with my 

The pioneer, New Delhi 2001
With painters like Sita, there's always something new to expect, as they follow no
Predictable path. You never know where they're going next and there lies the enchantment.
It's the beauty that comes with being a natural. A gift that belongs to just a few.

When looking at Sita's drawings, one is convinced these are the works of talented and gifted 
Artist, executed with sense of freedom in her preferred media of pen ink on paper.

Prof. P N Mago, Art Critic, New Delhi.
Great, creative and inspiring art. India traditional arts need to be encouraged. Keep it up.

M Venkaiah Naidu, Union Rural Development Miniter.

With Shri Satish Gujral & Shri S.S. Hitkari

I have seen drawings and paintings of Ganeshas done by number of artists in Delhi but I
Am very much impressed by the Ganeshas drawn and painted by Mrs. Sita Sudhakar,
Because her Ganeshas have a spiritual and divine touch.

S S Hitkari, Founder of Literary, Museum and Collector of Ganesh

With Shri Amarnath Sehgal

"Harmony  (October 1999, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi)
I had held my third solo exhibition which was a combination of Lord Ganesha and Prakritik Tatva. Nature, which was the center point of prakritik Tatva, has always appealed to me because it brings about a feeling of being and harmony.

The Asian Age, New Delhi 1999
Raw energy relationship with nature and mysticism and mythology, these three dimensions 
Push Sita Sudhakar's work to threshold of abstraction. This is the struggle of painter who
Dares to enter the primordial zone. Not to get fixed on the wall to move out into the unknown and enter the depths where harmony and disharmony becomes a raw sublime 

"A very good exhibition. Sita is innovative original and very expressive. Lots of luck for 
Her future. Work."

Amar Nath Sehgal, Artist and Sculptor

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